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Change your Mind Change your Body

The title of the book explains the process.  My aim is to help you Change your Mind so that when you have finished the book you will start the journey and Change your Body

If you want to lose weight, tone muscle and be generally fitter than you are now, this short self-help book has been written just for you!

Because I am 66 years old and I started to exercise when I was 50 the book is primarily aimed at the over 45s, but quite honestly it contains a lot of general information that applies to people of all ages.  As you work your way through the book you will be asked to take a series of reality checks, designed to inform and challenge your basic assumptions.  You will also be asked to complete a number of tasks designed to help you prepare yourself for this new way of life.  Some of what you read may not be new but the chances are you have tried exercise and dieting before and by the very fact that you have bought this book your experience has probably not been too successful and you are starting AGAIN!   We will look at what I call the stop-start cycle­ and see if this time you can get off the merry-go-round and make a sustainable lifestyle change.

Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance

We are NEVER too old to get fit!  Becoming fitter and healthier will not only prolong your life but will give you the physical and mental capacity to enjoy life even more